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Mani Norland, Principal at the School of Homeopathy talks about the evidence base for homeopathy working above and beyond placebo effect. Taking into consideration homeopaths, patients, research and finally Randomised Controlled Trials RCTs.

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Higher fat, lower carb diets may be better for you than low fat diets.

New research shows that a higher fat, lower carb diets may be better for you than low fat diets. The study looked at 135,000 people across 18 counties and found "people with the highest 20 per cent intake of total fat - getting around a third of their calories from fat - had about 23 per cent reduced risk of death compared to those with the lowest 20 per cent of fat intake" Read more at http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(17)32252-3/fulltext

Yoga, Acupuncture Can Help Some Pain, Studies Find - NBC News
Some "natural" techniques can help ease pain, including acupuncture, yoga, tai chi and massage, government researchers said Thursday. A review of high-quality studies shows these approaches rarely cause any harm and can help people with lower back pain, headaches and arthritic knees, the team at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health found.
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Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER

Abbott Northwestern Hospital is reporting success using acupuncture in its emergency room to treat conditions ranging from car accident injuries to migraines to kidney stones, and hoping to prove that the traditional Chinese treatment can reduce doctors' reliance on addictive opioids to manage patients' pain.

Jeremy Olson / Star Tribune

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Join the #NDmovement

scnm.edu/JoinTheMovement Naturopathic medicine is really part of something larger, a movement in which people are taking their health into their own hands. It rekindles our connection with nature-it's not something synthetic that's been made in a lab, but it's about finding something in nature that can heal our bodies.

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